Realizing the impact of ecological balance, human mankind. environmental pollution and the importance of growing demand in agricultural & pharmaceutical products. Greenkem is proud to establish two key business verticals in their state-of-art facility integrated for manufacturing fine agro chemicals and active pharma ingredients. These specialized units are implemented with a core objective to supply high quality products which are harmless and build efficiency with high yield.


agro chemicals

The agriculture industry since 2016 has been driven by a growing demand for crop protection chemicals and agricultural products such as food grains oilseeds, etc. which in turn has created demand for agro chemicals market. Increasing animal husbandry sector has also triggered demand for agro chemicals. According to a market study conducted for Greenkem, Asia Pacific had witnessed the highest demand for agro chemicals and India being one of the largest producers of agro chemicals in-the world it was a bold decision by Greenkem to establish a plant within the vicinity that is known as chemical hub for producing and supplying agro chemicals Greenkem will supply agro chemical products to customers in India and other parts of the world as a part of their growth strategy.

Tapping a huge potential foreseen on the horizon for this industry, Greenkem has taken an advanced and ahead of a time stride to excel in the field with product range with an assurance of highest quality and best standards. To fulfil this promise, Greenkem has employed best technologies and processes in place ensuring absolute transparency in the process With principle product range along with ordered products. Greenkem evisions a flourishing future in this field.





pharma ingredients

The pharma industry is anticipated to grow rapidly due to rise in prevalence of chronic diseases like cancer, neurological & cardiovascular diseases. This has resulted in an increased demand for rapid acting efficient drugs. Many drug manufacturing facilities indulged in manufacturing these drugs are opting to outsource API from market in order to save costs and hence this has created demand for API industry. According to a study this is largely seen in developing countries like India. China and Brazil which is a large potential market for active pharma ingredients. Apart from this, patent expiration and expensive R&D costs has also driven drug manufacturing firms not to a have diverted their strategy in outsourcing API. India is considered the second largest producer of pharmaceutical products and Greenkem has endeavoured to take up this manufacturing and supply of API to large pharma companies.